A Drive by of the Seasons: Photo-Style

When trying to choose some pictures to put up for a first photography blog post, I was bouncing back and forth between having a hard time from choosing too many to not being able to find any at all that I liked for it.  The happy medium that finally hit me was: “Why not choose one for each season? Heck, I could even have room for two of each! That would be a good sampling of my work.”

I am in the midst of putting together an istock account, so I scoured my files yesterday for photos that would work well to sell as stock imagery, and from there I chose two for each season to put up here.  It was difficult to choose just two but I made some tough calls and what you see here are those that survived the cut.  Hopefully I will have everything together for my istock account soon.  Rest assured that I’ll update you on that when it’s official. In the meantime, feel free to browse and enjoy these pics!





If you would like to use any of my photography for personal/public use, feel free to contact me at elisetrissel@aol.com or here on this blog.