For every design project I search to combine what the client is looking for and needs with my own personal interpretation. Here are some examples of a few logos I have come up with, for both existing and mockup companies.

1. 17 Neon Chairs.

This was a project to come up with a logo for the Bridewater College senior thesis exhibitions using the title “17 Neon Chairs”.  My goal was to keep the logo fun, playful, and bright while still being sophisticated.  Here I have included both the original color version (in all its neon glory,) alongside its black and white counterpart.

2.  Trost Custom Homes.

This was a project to come up with a new logo for a business so I chose Trost Custom Homes.  My goal here was to show innovation, quality, and environmental awareness. I have four different possible versions of the logo, (monochromatic, black and white, color, and inverse black and white) along with the business card I designed, listed below.

3. 100% USA dairy seals.

This was for a design contest to create possible seals that would be placed (rather small) on each bottle of milk that had been produced solely in the USA. I used very patriotic colors to help get across the USA message right off the bat, since the seal would be quite small, and I kept the elements clean, simple, easily readable but all the while eyecatching.

4. Trissel Equipment Sales. (

Quality machinery, reliable service, and local were the three main aspects I focused on representing in this logo or Trissel Equipment Sales, which focuses on selling used and new farm equipment.

I always love taking on new design projects and challenges, so if you are interested in having me freshen up your old logo, or if you are looking for a completely new logo, feel free to contact me at



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