Illustration, especially with children’s litterature, is my first love in art.  I enjoy finding new techniques for telling stories and always have a story to tell.  Currently I have just completed my first children’s book that I both wrote and illustrated. It is now available to purchase from and

Here’s the link to a sneak preview of my children’s book: Skaritch Skaratch Munch: A Cautionary Tale

“As Maddie’s day is continuously interrupted by a loud and mysterious skarunching noise, her parents are just too busy to check it out. That night when the skarunching becomes too loud to sleep through, Maddie realizes she must do something soon or else she will be up awake all night!”

After putting so much work into each image (setting the scene for the photo, editing the image, printing, adding mixed media, scanning, and re-editing) I love looking back and seeing how much each piece changed from start to finish so here are a few before and afters of them so you can see the difference too.

I love painting and consider each painting to be an illustration of a story. (These below are from my childhood memory series, “5,6,8 O’Clock Years Old”, in which I collected memories from friends and family and re-interpreted them onto canvas.)


Here are my pieces on display in the Alexander Mack Memorial Library.

If you like what you see and would like to work with me with illustrating, or would just like to talk about my work, feel free to contact me here on my blog or at I’m always happy to talk!


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